Katie Fey

First Impressions

I’m honestly a little surprised that Katie Fey is modeling on the web. She’s so beautiful that I don’t think she’d have much trouble finding a gig as clothing catalog or runway model. There are few solo teen babes that look like Katie; hell, there are few women on earth that look like Katie. I guess that’s why she’s become so popular and famous in her short time on the web. This European babe has it all!

Hot Promises

The thing that Katie makes clear from the get go is that she’s now all nude. I guess for the first year of her site’s existence she only flashed her tits to the public. For some reason she lifted that ban and is now happy to flash her pussy to anyone who pays the membership fee. Also promised are exclusive pictures, high quality video clips, weekly updates, and zip files for the images. When you’ve got Katie, how many promises do you really need though?

Round Up

After entering my username and password I’m taken to the member’s index page, which is disappointingly littered with ads. I count twelve of them on the main page, which is just a tad too many, considering this is the first place you’ll see after paying for your membership. Scroll past the first round of ads and you’ll see the latest updates to both the picture and video sections. Also included are sample pictures from the next three picture updates and the dates on which they’ll be published so you know precisely when to come back for the fresh stuff.

Aside from the updates there’s no reason to hang around the member’s index page, so as quickly as possible I headed into the pictures section. This is where Katie’s strength lies, as there are more than 460 galleries on the site totaling 23,000+ images. The galleries are organized by month; click the picture that represents a month and you’ll be taken to all the updates that were made during that time. Katie went fully nude in March 2006, so if you want to see the pussy make sure you browse after that date.

I would recommend checking everything out though, because Katie’s a rare beauty and even when she’s not showing bush it’s still worth seeing. Each month features 9-12 galleries, each with 50-75 pictures. One minor annoyance is the way in which they break up the picture galleries. For instance, there’s one picture set named The Spy, which has been broken up into three parts because it has roughly 150 images. The annoyance is that you’ll have to browse through multiple months to find all three parts of the gallery. There’s no particular reason they couldn’t have simply posted one 150 image gallery instead of three, which is where the rub lies for me.

Most teen sites feature picture content in one of two categories. In the first we’re given a look into the model’s daily life and routine as we watch her get ready for bed, masturbate, go for a walk in the park, etc. Katie falls into the second category, in which the galleries are more like a modeling session for a fashion magazine. Katie’s dressed in a fancy outfit or piece of lingerie and slowly stripping out of it as the camera snaps picture after picture. Both types of content are great, and Katie is best suited to the second so it’s a good choice for her. Each gallery is a small work of art and Katie is so damn hot that you’ll love each one no matter what she’s dressed in.

If you’d like a closer look into Katie’s personality and life then the videos section is where you want to be. For most of the videos she drops the stiff modeling persona that works so well in pictures and lets loose a little bit. There’s one video where she’s going to the bathroom and the camera barges in. Instead of giving us a sexy look she hides behind a magazine and gives us the finger, which I found to be both funny and endearing. There are a few voyeur videos where Katie is captured undressing or doing her makeup and an awful lot of striptease videos that are incredibly erotic. A new video is added every ten days, so there are far fewer than the picture galleries but still enough to last months.

Although KatieFey is run by the same company that runs a number of other teen sites, they must have figured her site was so large that you didn’t need access to any other teen sites with it. Instead you’ll have to content yourself with free hosted galleries from a selection of models in the Friends section. There are roughly 180 galleries of 60 models, most of who are good looking babes. It’s not all that impressive as bonus content, but it will provide you with a change of pace.

Croco’s Opinion

There’s a reason Katie Fey is one of the most well known solo models on the web: she’s impossibly gorgeous, sexy, and sensual. She’s also quite the content producer, having shot more than 460 galleries and 170 video clips for her members. There’s enough hot content here to last a lifetime, which is good because you’ll never want to leave Katie behind once you’ve joined.


Browsing through the site couldn’t be any easier. Finding the picture and video pages is as simple as looking at the top of the page and browsing each is a breeze. The content is organized by month so you can follow along with Katie’s progression as a model.

Pricing Policy

A 30 day membership costs $29.95 when billing by credit card, check, or anonymously through NetCash. You can also pay by phone, which is a little pricier at $34.95. The best deal is to sign up for 90 days and pay only $59.95. Everything is recurring except for the phone billing.

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